SATGEN in the latest version allows noise figure measurement (SNR). This function is added to the spectrum analyzer function in this program. The measurement is based on Y-factor analysis.

ENR table in SATGEN
ENR table in SATGEN

For measurement, you need a noise source with an ENR table SDR an SDR device with adequate sensitivity, which is supported by SATGEN. In addition, it would be appropriate, but still optional, interface, which is capable of powering the noise source at voltage 28 V and can be controlled by the application.

In addition, SATSAGEN v. also with function display with digital phosphor. At a high measurement speed, it would be difficult to notice some transient phenomena, for example amplifier flicker. This function seems to reproduce the old phosphor screens, on which such phenomena would be detectable.

It's new Zero Span – spectrum analyzer mode, which allows the display of signal amplitude as a function of time.

She also joined support for new devices. The team, that SATGEN becomes a tool with more possibilities, so it also requires greater demands on computer performance. In the configuration, you can also set multhreading. It can be turned off for weaker PCs, but some functions will not be available.

Measuring SNR with SATGEN
SNR measurement using SATGEN on the transverter

You can find the latest SATGEN at

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