Silent Key Memorial 2021

Amateur radio station with microphone
Amateur radio station with microphone

In memory of friends of amateur radio, who are no longer among us we invite you to a race - a memory of brands, which they kept quiet.

Date and time: every year on 1 November (1.11.2021) between 06.00 – 08.59UT

Mode: iba CW

Frequencies: 3510 – 3560 kHz, 7010 – 7040 kHz

Call: CQ SKM

Code exchanged: RST + SK amateur radio brand, which you want to remember on the air (e.g.. 599 HA6NA or 599 K8DD). You decide for yourself, which code is closer to you. However, you may not change it during the Silent Key Memorial.

Categories: single operator LP (max.100W out), single operator (more than 100W out) a multi operator HP (more than 100W out)

Body: for each QSO 1 that

Multipliers: the sum of all marks deceased on each band separately. Multiple stations can give one brand of a deceased radio amateur, but it is counted only once

final result: the sum of the connection points multiplied by the sum of the multipliers

Awards: each participant will receive an electronic diploma

Diary: until November 15 2021 only in Cabrillo format via the web

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