SR9DD radio amateur converter to 23 cm

On the highest peak of the Silesian Beskydy Mountains in Poland, an amateur radio transmitter was added to 23 cm: SR9DD. TX frequencies: 1298,1000 MHz RX: 1270,1000 You can hear what the NA1ISS signal looks like, activation carrier frequency. The converter uses a 5x antenna 5/8 and power 5W. Sysop: SP9YKD. Web:

Icom IC-9100
Icom IC-9100

Skryczne is a majestic mountain. With its altitude 1 257 meters offers panoramic views of the breathtaking mountain environment. It is a popular place for hiking and skiing, while winter sports are significantly popular here in the winter months. The peak of Skryczne provides an amazing view of the wider surroundings with hilly ridges, dense forests and snowy slopes.

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