Evaluation of the SNP race 2007

She took part in this race 45 stations, 25 from Slovakia and 20 from Bohemia and Moravia. More were revealed in the diaries 34 brands, but unfortunately and to the shame of our entire Slovak and Czech radio amateur society, these participants did not send diaries. They robbed several participants of the SNP Trophy, since the issue of the SNP Trophy depends on the number of participants in that category. It should be the honor and duty of every Slovak radio amateur to participate in the two most important Slovak races, namely the domestic SNP Race in August and the international Spring Sprint race on Easter Monday. This is a race for real guys. And the bravest ones will also pull /p into the field.

Participation in individual categories:

Antenna tuner
Antenna tuner

The competitors represented these districts:
IF – 18 districts: CHAPTER(3), BAE, BBY, A FLAT, CAD, KEA(2), KEC, TIMES, Crew, LVC(2), MAR(2), THROUGH, CAN I, TTE, GARDEN, ZIH, ZIL(3), ZVO
OK – 13 districts: APG, BME, DDO, FHB, FJI, FNA(2), GBM, GBV(3), GKR, GZS(3), WHERE(2) HVS, HPR

The propagation conditions were very interesting in the morning, when we are at the beginning of the race, the first 40 minutes, they could easily make Slovak and Czech stations. After that, Polish stations started charging onto the band, which went KV field day. After that it was more difficult, because the Poles roared recklessly with great performances all over the zone.

The youngest participant in the SNP Race had 13 years and the oldest 78. All race participants will receive a SNP Diploma 2007 and the winners of individual categories will also receive the SNP2007 Trophy.

Along with the evaluation, we send all participants of the SNP race samples of diaries and front pages, so everyone can send a perfect diary that can be easily evaluated.

We invite you to the next SNP race, which is always on the third Sunday in August, whether you leave the house, or bravely somewhere from a mountain or field habitat. Šaňo OM3TY designed and built a small portable QRP (3W) a telegraph transceiver that is ideally suited for this race. It is excellent for field operation from the mountains and other historical places of the SNP. You can find the TCVR scheme in the Rádiožurnál magazine.

Alex Korda OM6SA

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