YJ0CA Vanuatu

Since yesterday it has been trying connections before CQ WW DX Contest-om aj YJ0CA from Port Vila in Vanuatu. The operator is Chris VK2YUS. Operation will be on SSB only. The equipment consists of single-wire and vertical antennas for 40 – 10 m plus IC-7300 and a small amplifier. QSL to home brand, VK2YUS.


Sunset in Vanuatu
Sunset in Vanuatu

Vanuatu, island nation in the South Pacific, is a natural paradise with exotic beaches, crystal clear sea and diverse underwater life. The country is composed of 83 islands, which offer a variety of cultures, traditions and languages. Vanuatu is known for its rich cultural heritage, including dancing, music and various rituals. The inhabitants are proud of their hospitality and willingness to show visitors all the beauties of their country. In addition, Vanuatu is a popular destination for lovers of adventure and active recreation with the possibility of diving, trips to volcanoes and other activities. This tropical paradise deserves a place in every traveler's heart.

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