1A0C 2023

From January 1 1982 the prefix 1A started to count towards DXCC. Not among the most sought after high priority entities for DXCC, but it is an interesting connection for many radio amateurs around the world. The next 1A0C activity will be 26.July – August 2 2023 on KV bands + 6m + LEO satellites and QO-100 satellite. They will be in operation simultaneously 3 stations on the CW, SSB, RTTY and FT8. For satellite QSOs, operators do not require a locator for a reason, to make connections as fast as possible. Locator 1A0C is JN61fv.

Traditionally, this activity will be connected with a charity project. All proceeds and donations raised by the DX Expedition will be used to support recovery projects, which the Maltese Council is implementing in connection with the floods in the Italian region of Romagna.

By 1A0C

Helix feed s parabolou pre QO-100 satelit
Helix feed s parabolou pre QO-100 satelit

Jose Fernando, EA5C

Yevgen, EA5EL

Raul, EA5KA

Javier, EA5KM

Antonio, EA5RM (expedition leader)

Angel, EA5Z

Arturo, EA7KE

Manuel, EA7R

Jose Ramon, EA7X

Gerard, F2JD

Simone, IK5RUN

Fabrizio, IN3ZNR

Nicola, IU0NIC

Giorgio, IZ4AKS

Junichi, JH4RHF

Dmitry, RA9USU

Bandplan 1A0C

6M 50.103 50.120 50.313
10M 28.024 28.495 28.071
12M 24.894 24.945 24.920
15M 21.024 21.295 21.071
17M 18.074 18.145 18.096
20M 14.024 14.195 14.080 14.090
30M 10.104 10.131
40M 7.004 7.065 / 7.160 7.070
60M 5.360 5.360 5.357
80M 3.524 3.780 3.571
  May change according to local QRM    


Before submitting a QSL request, check the online log and wait for the end of the DX expedition.

Don't forget, that this DXpedition also has a humanitarian side. After kind consideration, we ask for your contribution, will be entirely dedicated to a charity project.

Direct QSL

Antonio Gonzalez placeholder image
P.O.Box 930
E-03200 Elche


At least 5 USD

For more details, see n http://www.1a0c.com

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