2.subregional races 2008

In a few days, 3.-4.May from 14.00 do 14.00 OUT, the 2nd subregional race will take place 2008. It competes in the categories according to point 4 General conditions of VHF races and competitions. In the following, the conditions of races and competitions on VHF also apply. Logs must be sent to 10 days from the end of the race exclusively in electronic EDI format, preferably via the web interface at vkv.szr.sk, in an emergency, to the address vkvlogy@pobox.sk or on a diskette to the address: Ing. Pavol Zajac, OM5CM, Meadows 1111/12, 95201 Sparrows.

Allocated dimensions to 2. sub-regional 2008

Dimension name Locator ASL Brand Categories
Veľká Lúka JN99JC 1476 OM0AAJ Jano 144, 432 MHz, 1.3 GHz MO
Portáš JN99CH 930 OM3W 144, 432 MHz, 1.3, 2.4, 10 GHz MO
Veľká Javorina JN88UU 970 OM3KII 144, 432 MHz, 1.3 GHz MO
Pecková JN88RS 576 OM5M 144, 432 MHz, 1.3, 2.4, 10 GHz MO

OK2KKW umožňuje zanechať avízo na 2.subregionál ..:: YOUR ::... We wish everyone good weather and much success, 73!

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