Blacklisted ZS8M

Before, before you decide to work with DX stations, read the rules of DX operation DX Code Of Conduct , or .: You :. Thank you for your cooperation during these poor distribution conditions. I know, that it was not easy.

If you have heard the operators, who misbehaved against DX principles, Please, let me know their call signs and briefly describe their behavior, will be subsequently published. Black list anti-DX operators is growing. Do not try to contact me and claim, that it is customary in your culture to behave this way, or that no one understands you. Really, I don't have time to respond to all your outrages and demands. You shut down and canceled thousands of potential connections with ZS8M . You now have only one option, understand it, or be blacklisted. I am not the only operator complaining about the bad behavior of z operators ME countries. You can only blame yourself. Familiarize yourself with the rules. In that case, I will definitely not blacklist you !

Operators published on the blacklist have an exclusive right to obtain a certificate "I have successfully deleted myself from the ZS8M logo" . Please, contact my QSL manager to issue this awesome certificate.

I don't appreciate it, nor do I approve requests to my QSL manager to issue fraudulent QSLs. Station YB0COU fraudulently requested a QSL from 15m and is now blacklisted !!! Both QSLs from the 20m and 15m bands will not be issued to her. (Blacklisted = No QSL Card)

Many thanks to all, who worked with me, for support, friendship, E-mails, Skype – conversations and good DX operating skills. I will cherish these memories forever.

Huge thanks to those, who helped me with my special project and assisted me in securing operations for three visually impaired radio amateurs from my town.

Pierre, ZS1HF / ZS8M

This brief translation is made from the site ZS8M and it's serious. So don't embarrass yourself with it, that you will be blacklisted. So far, I have not seen the Slovak station published there !

Fairy, OM3CAQ

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