Dioptra ™ Lite – azimuth and elevation measurement

Imagine the situation – you go up the hill and you need to find out, where is the north. You don't have a compass or compass. What to do? Reach for it, what you have with you, by mobile phone. There are several applications, which allow the location to be determined, but Dioptra ™ Lite is suitable for amateur radio use.

Analysis of the dimension in the northeast direction using Diopter
Analysis of the dimension in the northeast direction using Dioptra ™ Lite

Dioptra ™ Lite provides the following information, as if it were a theodolite optical instrument:

• compass
• elevation
• inclination indicator (degrees of inclination)
• GPS navigation
• azimuth and focus on the subject with the possibility of photography

Dioptra ™ Lite can therefore be used for antenna routing or dimensional analysis in the supervised direction. It is popular for VHF operation via satellite, where the phone is caught on a boom and the operator can see in front of him the necessary data for the direction of the antenna.

You can find it on Google Play as a free app. Requires 4.0.3 and higher and occupies 543 kB https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glidelinesystems.dioptra&hl=sk&gl=US

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