E2A v CQ WW DX CW Contest-e 2021

E2A is a frequent multiplier in world contests such as the CQ WW DX CW Contest. This is not surprising, because the Siam DX Group has built an impressive suburb in Bangkok:

E2A devices

2 x YAESU FT-1000MP + VL-1000 (SO2R)

2 x ICOM IC-7610 + SPE

4O3A BPF system

Antenna mast 1

JK-MID-TRI ; 12the Tribander @ 32m

CREATE DESIGN CY402 ; 40m 2el Monobander yagi @30m

CREATE DESIGN CD78-5 ; 80m rotating dipole @ 25m

Force12 C-3 ; 7the Tribander @ 18m

160-80-40m ; trapped dipole in the shape of inverted V @ 20m

Antenna mast 2

Nagara T3-3VX ; 3el Tribander WARC @26m

YU7EF anéna ; 10m 5el Monobander @23m

80m ; inverted V @ 20m

The E2A team in the CQ WPX Contest 2021
The E2A team in the CQ WPX Contest 2021

E2A philosophy

In years 2014 to 2019 E2A appeared in world races mainly in the category SOAB-HP s SO2R setupom E21EIC. With the arrival of Covid-19, many of the planned DX E21EIC expeditions had to be postponed, which gave E2A a great opportunity to focus more on educating local newcomers, who have shown potential and are passionate about radio sports. Since September 2020 E2A started to enter various competitions in the category M / S or M / 2 with Rookie ops. This is the beginning of the journey to WRTC.

CQ WW DX CW 2021

Also in the coming CQ WW DX CW 27.-28.11.2021 you will find E2A in ether.

QSL tickets

Use OQRS to request a direct or bureau QSL ticket

Direkt QSL tickets from you are always welcome and will be answered quickly

Please, do not send your QSL ticket via bureau. It is faster and more efficient to go through OQRSb.

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