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    I cordially greet all the amateur radio and I would like to introduce the problem to the amateur radio forum, with which for a long time users in the SSB section 80 m bands met and also meet.
    The problem lies in the long run – several years of intentional disruption of amateur radio traffic in this band. The interference consists in the transmission of various sounds coming from electronic toys, issuing drum-type modulation experiments and, most recently, telegraphy, resp. attempting this type of operation. It is an assumption, that it is one, a maximum of two individuals, who have been performing this favorite activity since the early hours of the morning and will endure it for hours. Several radio amateurs have reported this persistent problem to competent authorities, which have supervised frequency spectra, We have not yet received an answer or a positive result. There have also been several attempts by amateurs to target jammers, unfortunately, there is not yet proper cooperation between us in this regard. The jammer or jammers obviously use high-quality and powerful equipment and full-size antennas for their operation., which corresponds to the strength of their transmission. We will try to solve this? One direction of the source of interference was targeted by several radio amateurs, unfortunately all measurements were made practically in one line – B.Bystrica – Trnava. There is no focus on the side of this line, someone will be found?
    And one more finding: The jammer or jammers respond with their speech mainly to the long-standing debates of some radio amateurs about the activities, which are not related to amateur radio activity, this issue has been mentioned some time ago, unfortunately we will forget about the sub-factors. And this is a kind of magnet for the activity of the already mentioned quackers 80 m band. Let's think about what I'm writing here. Me too, what I write these lines I sometimes say on the band about things, which would belong to the phone or Skype, but I compensate for this with long-term meetings of radio amateurs in Drozdov, which I organize 🙂 and I will organize…

    Karol, OM5KP, Fir Kostoľany

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    Karol, I'm very happy, that you wrote this here, because it literally sucks me too, this helplessness, what happens at eighty in the morning.
    I've been listening to the morning class regularly for a long time, when I wake up earlier, I listen to the Czech meteo ring and then 3756.
    I don't even know a lot of people, only by mark and by voice, but they make me very comfortable almost every morning with a coffee and a cigarette.
    But it, what's been going on there lately, it can no longer be listened to. And the opinions of some are, that there is no need to notice. But I just have the opposite opinion, it is high time to notice this and something needs to be done about it.
    I have great respect for you, old gentleman, and divinely it raises my adrenaline such a hoarse disruption of morning greetings and debates.
    I'm trying to identify it myself in some way, whether local eavesdropping via RX, or SDR in OE, SP or OK. It is very difficult, because you know, that when it goes on the band, so it goes with 5 Watmi and everywhere throughout almost the EU.
    My opinion on that is, that we have, so i hope so , quite acceptable representation at TÚ(ing.Vavro) and this needs to be addressed as a disruption of the telecommunications service. And following, until the perpetrator could be identified, even exemplary punishment by a rather greasy fine, possibly breaking the papule, discharging teeth and digging eggs for that bastard.
    I can tell you for myself, that a ton on Stará Turá is not a local signal, and is at the level of the other discussants.
    It's not VHF, level and direction is very difficult to focus and I really don't know, how this could be identified and detected.
    Fingers crossed, let it work, and all of you, You, village, She will add, Tiborov and others, which I will not remember now, let us listen for a long time and without interference.

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    There will be quite a problem. I try to write it impartially. Permit conditions are not met on this frequency. Even if some check is performed, so first he notices, that no marks are given at connections, method of communication, subject of communication and others and only then will he start dealing with illegal broadcasting.
    The intruder must be ignored, as if he wasn't there and not giving him reports, type disappear, it does you good and so on. That's what he's waiting for.
    As for the location of this pirate, so there will be a bit of a problem. Radio silence must be observed during the focus, and those few seconds will be a huge problem for some stations. And even if some targeting could be done, according to the regulations, you are not allowed to step into his apartment. But you could try it with fox hunting radios, or the ROBs could do something for us. We have helped them a lot in the past and de facto saved them this discipline.

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    @om3tix wrote:

    breaking the papule, discharging teeth and digging eggs for that bastard.

    Hehehe!!! It's nicely written, I laughed well!!! 😀 😀 😀

    But Dusan OM3CVV is probably right. It would probably be best to ask ROBkar for help. They have the equipment and they would know how to do it.

    Marian VE3VEE

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    Marian, I wrote it a little more aggressively, but it will work out. He also leads anywhere in the park on the bench, or with beer, if such a jerk came among the discussing friends and would be annoying and allow himself to do so, so he would definitely get kicked and kick his ass.
    And on the band in the morning in a circle, much coarser swearing is already falling from nervousness and helplessness, but I'm not even surprised, that someone explodes.
    And that various topics are being discussed in the circle and sometimes someone doesn't have a stopwatch on, to give a mark, so I see the least problem in that. These guys just have known each other for decades and meet there every morning, so I can't just talk about the weather and that, who has an antenna and a radio, just sometimes the subject goes awry, but I never heard anything terrible and inhuman there.
    A na margo toho, that ROBkari will help us, so you can all expect HI…
    I can already imagine life, as everyone 30 km in the grid are deployed and focus on the map the direction of interference. This is a difficult utopia.
    ROBkari are in my opinion, to be able to cover SZR spinave stealing money, which is assigned to all radio amateurs by the Ministry of Education every year, science, research and sport. Specifically for this year 67 240 tisic Euro. Where is this money lost?? How SZR helps us? How many new clubs are being formed? How many TRXs and antennas for clubs were subsidized with this money?
    For that, at least the QSL service could be free for everyone. But SZR is shamelessly asking old retirees for a few euros for a few tickets and at the same time passing so many thousands, I don't know where! YUCK!

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    It seems to me, that Charles wants to address the consequence, not the cause, in his challenge. Basically, I agree with OM3CVV. It's clear to me, that sometimes it is not possible to follow everything exactly and strictly in the rings, as the permit conditions say. If someone is complaining about their health, or what bothers him I take, I am also a pensioner. But if quarrels start for politics or religion, it's too much and Jano, Jožo, Fero, Boniface will start talking at once without a call, it irritates someone and starts doing what he does. But I certainly don't apologize to him. That's why I think, that the cause of this condition needs to be addressed.

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    Gentlemen, I don't want to take the wind out of your sails, but as a longtime, in the days of the Bolshevik fox hunter (in our country, ministerial money is stolen differently, as through ROB), I have participated in several such search expeditions. In all three cases, we traced the source of the interference, up to a specific antenna.

    It was about
    — 1. mischievous teenager
    — 2. misuse of the 2m band by the security agency (PCO)
    — 3. operation of the RDM line during military exercises


    ad 1) The case ended in court, but not for unauthorized use of the radio spectrum, but for the alleged threat of physical assault and for the alleged violation of domestic freedom. Thanks to a reasonable judge and the helpful attitude of the CTU staff, she was eventually lost, but paradoxically it threatened, that in the end we will be the accused.

    ad 2) Traced antenna on the roof of the municipal office, handed over to the CTU … bububu without penalty, care mafia.

    ad 3) Resolved on the spot thanks to that, that the commander of the relevant unit was also a radio amateur. Otherwise, without a chance.

    So I'm afraid, that even if you found the idiot, it will laugh at you over the fence and it only cost you time, work, gasoline and nerves.

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    uhu … my personal experience with the employees of TUSR at that time, I called them to disturb the place of the cables as the businessman tuned where he had time off He hit the FM part of the 2m band . The guys from TUSR came , they checked to see if I had everything ok and passed the ratio, they checked and commented, everything as it should be impartial to anyone, everything objective. Come on in, take a look, that he doesn't break the norm but he's just a little below but he still has nothing to do there and they recommended me some changes to the device and we shook hands and left .. within a few days the disturbance disappeared, so they also addressed the entrepreneur ..

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    @om3tix wrote:

    Marian, I wrote it a little more aggressively


    Palo, I did not mean my comment as a critique, but vice versa. I don't have the opportunity to communicate in Slovak often and I also wrote something you wrote more than 30 I haven't heard in a year, so it really amused me a lot, LOL 😈 😈 😈

    Marian VE3VEE

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    I do not believe that, that in Canada people do not use the exclusive….

    It’s a stone’s throw from the States. Sure something must spill across the border.

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    Why the jerk puts those witty American thugs here ?? he thinks, that there is something more or what .. dick !!!

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    @OM4TW wrote:

    … he thinks, that there is something more or what …

    He thinks.

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    I have your mute.

    mi pilin ala e ni: mi suli en sina mute li lili.

    mi pilin e ni: sina mute li ike. ni li toki mi ali.

    As for the issue of interference,I also noticed, from someone diligently operated a digi mod outside the segment where it belongs. But it's just on the sidelines. I don't want to solve anything anymore, I have no rental here.

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    something occurred to me but I can't write it .. scum and cump like you are not worth it to me .. cmuk

    p.s. please make us happy and stop calling yourself a radio amateur …

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