King's staff mystery

“I feel like in a dream”: were my words after arriving at the top of Kráľova hole on Friday evening. That it would be a dream with open eyes - so it was still waiting for us. We were brought to Kráľová hoľa by two goals - 2nd subregional and CB races Woman operator, in which Janka and Baška Šuňava participated, 11-annual operators. Na to, that there were only two adults, the plans were bold. The following setup was prepared:

  • 2m: TR-751E with HF compressor, CQ-ičom, PA 100W a 2x7el. DK7ZB fixed and 1x9el.DK7ZB island
  • 70cm: FT-857D s PA 100W, 4xDL7KM
  • 23cm: FT-857D a HM XVRT, 55el.F9FT
  • plus two NB, two rotators, four sources, a pile of cables,…


Pripravené pracoviská na 2m, 70cm aj 23cm Zmontované antény na 23cm a 2m

In short, already quite nice equipment. Until we went upstairs, it blew quite nicely. Therefore, we had difficulty building a single antenna on the CB fibergraphite antenna President Black Pirate 5R. Peak to adverse weather conditions. And after testing, they lay down with it, that we have all day to build AMA antennas.

But in the morning it was even worse. The temperature dropped, the wind intensified. While the girls fought on CB, we completed the masts and antennas with it, that as soon as possible, we put them outside. Meanwhile, the wind was shaking “pirate” and deprived him of two radials. We stared at the clock with tension…

A group of tourists arrived in the afternoon. They looked like apparitions in the fog. They go to the top stone nearby. Fúkne, one of them falls to the ground. And he can't stand without help. With the help of friends, he succeeds, they have difficulty coming to the stone and going to hide.

Sad (not only from the hockey result, but also ours) We're going to sleep. The alarm clock is at five, if there is peace, we'll build the antennas right away and we're going for it. A cruel mistake. The morning is perhaps even worse than the evening. There is solid icing on the square outside. We are watching the forecast on the Internet and the Live Panorama on STV in disbelief. I dream. Nobody will believe us…


Námraza na 70cm anténe CB anténa v sobotu ráno (ešte komplet)

We jumped the race as we started (with the difference, that “exol” one 20A source) and zero on all bands. In the evening, the signal dropped from the CB antenna, The RG-58 could not withstand the icing and wind jerk. The worst moments were during disassembly “pirate”. It was impossible to breathe, the man was lying on the ground so as not to be blown away. In the one hundred and twenty-kilometer wind, we were already putting the antennas down in Lomničák, but I'm willing to stop with anything, that it was more.

I recommend watching the video, how the wind played with the CB antenna. You can download a half-file file in AVI format .: YOUR :.

Whatever, najbližšie skúsime VKV prevádzkový aktív….. Keep your fingers crossed!

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