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What I see… But good, so inverted L with elevated radius will be great. Just a resonant Thursday needs to 1.85 MHz will be 38.5 meter and counterweight (radial) will be 40.5 meter and forget about the lead to the grounding rope. Someone called it upright vertically (I do not know why) where the power supply is asymmetric, someone inverted L, well, and someone calls it r shrunken dipole’ to whom it is probably closest to the radial. I still recommend starting from the fact, that inverted L works anyway, if it is watered against the ground. Inverted L is cultural dependence, is based on mass use in England, where poverty and lack of space forced 70 thousands of radio amateurs put a stick in the corner of the mini garden and climb the wire as high as possible (to shorten the wire) as the chimney of the house is drastically close (therefore the horizontal part must be short). What else was left for them, if not to celebrate the massive vertical component of the antenna? (So that they can fall asleep at all). Plus inventing misaligned coax traps and making a multiband. I'm not saying it doesn't work, but it doesn't work well. Let's admire the Beatles in England, Led Zeppelin, and also strawberry liqueur Mrs. Darlington, but for God's sake, NO antennas. In the field of art, brutal suffering has led to beautiful artistic expressions. However, if any possibility of applying a full size manufactured antenna was suppressed, it did lead to extraordinary ingenuity, but unfortunately not to the results.