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You are missing some electronic items, antenna parts or accessories? You like to make something yourself? Then try https://hamparts.shop

Jan OK2ZAW used years of experience from operating in top stations and many constructions and with the help of his friend Lucky created a website and an e-shop, where you can find interesting things for radio amateurs: parts for receiving, for broadcasting, controllers, VHF and LORA products, parts and kits. Not enough? Individual requests are also available.

You will find a lot of interesting tips and advice on the site, latest news, instructions and diagrams, which will help you in assembling building blocks and at the same time understanding, how the products work and how to plug and add them to your hamshack.

Thanks to the wiki instructions, you can decide in advance, which product is right for you. Eager radio amateurs will appreciate the ability to browse and view photos, diagrams and measurements of the product, who is already on his way to them. The site is constantly expanding. Each product has its own article and photos

Tip: K9AY/4-way controller

K9AY/4-way controller
K9AY/4-way controller

It is a universal driver for 4 RX directional antennas. You can control the antenna directions with a DC voltage or you can use an internal crossover (Bias Tee) and supply AC/DC voltage along the coaxial cable of the RX antenna. Jumpers inside allow you to set the correct voltage combinations. Entry protections are available, HPF to block AC noise, three bandpass filters, preamplifier and RX direction switch. Thanks to this switch you can use RX antennas with any TRX – you don't need the RX ANT IN connector on your TCVR. The Rload controller changes the DC voltage from approx 6 do 1,5 V and you can use it with K9AY for example and change the loop termination resistance. The REMOTE version also has the option to control these functions with an external controller.

Tip: PL-239 professional connector

It is a professional connector for ½" coaxial cable with impedance 50 ohms. This version is available for a flexible cable as well as a classic ½ coaxial cable https://hamparts.shop/connector-pl-239-male-to-12-classic.html

Tip: RX Triplexer 2L

RX triplexer Hamparts.shop
RX triplexer Hamparts.shop

In this RX Triplexer 2L, three bandpass filters are used as a splitter or combiner with very low noise and very good bandpass filtering. You can use it as a single-band signal combiner or as a multi-band antenna splitter.

Example of use:

  • One antenna to multiple single-band RX
  • Multiple antennas to one multi-band RX (or several)
  • for SDR web skimmer, CW/RTTY/FT pre RBN

Available https://hamparts.shop I discovered much more. Try looking for something for your hamshack?

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