ANAN-G2 KV and 6M 100W ultra high power SDR

If you are interested in top KV and 6m devices, so you must have already heard about Apache Labs Pty Ltd. ANAN-G2 is available for pre-sale, a new generation of very powerful SDR.

Advantages of ANAN-G2

Processing capacity

ANAN-G2 is equipped with a powerful FPGA with impressive processing capacity 930 GMAC/s and tightly integrated quad-core SoC. This considerable computing power enhances its ability to handle the complex tasks and sophisticated signal processing algorithms required to implement PureSignal, Diversity Reception and the most advanced noise reduction algorithms in the world, such as NR2!

Flexible use cases

One of the main advantages of the ANAN-G2 system is its remarkable flexibility. Although it provides exceptional receiver and transmitter performance similar to its predecessors, the G2 takes that a step further, that it provides increased processing capacity, making it capable of handling a wide range of tasks and applications.

Independent operation

ANAN-G2 offers convenient stand-alone operation without the need for a connected computer. This feature provides freedom to use the device in situations, when connecting a computer may not be possible or necessary.

Compatibility with Thetis software

Users have the option to use the ANAN-G2 with a computer running Thetis software. This compatibility increases the usability of the device by, that it provides access to a comprehensive control software package, signal processing and visualization.

Front view of the ANAN-G2
Front view of the ANAN-G2

Remote station with a view to the future

The ANAN-G2 is designed with remote control hardware capabilities, although this feature is currently planned for a future release. This would allow users to control the device remotely, thereby expanding its usability and convenience.

Rich input/output options

The ANAN-G2 boasts a range of rich I/O options including two HDMI 4K video outputs, gigabit Ethernet, three USB ports, 7-inch touch panel and knobs/buttons for a traditional transceiver experience. This extensive set of I/O options provides connectivity to a variety of devices and accessories.

Broadcast sound quality

The device is equipped with a balanced XLR microphone input with a built-in preamplifier, which guarantees sound quality during broadcasting. This feature is convenient for users, who strive for high-quality sound in their broadcasts. PureSignal guarantees, that your IMD products are far lower and do not cause any dispersion on the bands, did you know, that G2 has o 20 dB better IMD than even a Class A transmitter while maintaining the efficiency of a Class AB design.

Technical specification

General specifications

Architecture: Direct sampling DDC/DUC transmitter
Interface: Ethernet a PCIe (internal)
A fully desktop Linux operating system
Phase noise (clock signal): -149dB @ 10kHz
TCXO established (typical): /- ,1 PPM
Modes: CW, SSB, NFM, AM, digital
Antenna ports: Tri BNC 50 ohms software configurable ports, tri BNC ADC1 Bypass a Loop in porty, one BNC for RX2
Frequency resolution: 1 Hz

Electrical specifications

13,8 V DC @ 25 A, 2,5 A reception/25 A transmission

Mechanical specifications:

Approximate weight 7,5 kg
Dimensions: 314contestov (Š) x 138MM (V) x 368MM (H) (without moldings).

Receiver specifications

ANAN-G2 patch panel
ANAN-G2 patch panel

Receiver architecture: Direct down conversion
Two 16-bit phase-synchronous ADCs
Independent filter banks for each ADC
Frequency coverage: 9kHz to 60MHz
Attenuation: 1-30dB step attenuator
Reciprocal dynamic range (RMDR): 116 dB at posune 2Khz
Receiver phase noise: -149dB @ 10kHz
Mirror suppression: 90dB
Hardware support for 10 independent receivers assignable to one of the ADCs

Transmitter specifications

Transmitter architecture: Direct conversion up
DAC resolution: 16 bits
Output power: 100W PEP SSB, FM, RTTY, Digital; 1-30W AM, 100W CW
IMD: IMD3 typically -68 dB below PEP at 100W output on 20M
Harmonious: typically better than -43dBc on HF and -60dBc on 6M
Suppression of the carrier frequency and the opposite sideband: better than -80dBc
Output of the IF transverter: 0 dB up to 15 dB

Inputs and outputs

ANAN-G2 back panel
ANAN-G2 back panel

Inputs: Audio Barrel Line In, digital inputs, PTT in, PTT Out
DB9 Seven software configurable open collector outputs
XVTR High School, 10Mhz reference input
3,25 mm microphone, CW key, headphones and two outputs for powered speakers
Mini XLR input for microphone with preamplifier.
Connector RJ45 Ethernet LAN
2 x HDMI 4K video outputs
3 x USB porty

The current pre-sale price is $3995.00. More information at–6M-100W-Ultra-High-Performance-SDR.html

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