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Jurek SP9FG, well-known Polish VHF-ista, he left us 27.11.2021. Jerzy Mitkiewicz, Jurek, he was born 12.05.1927. Before he became a radio amateur, he was enchanted by the mountains. He was intensively involved in activities connected with alpine expeditions. He started climbing during the war. He developed into a TOPR rescuer and was also interested in working in the Tatrzański National Park. In year 1954 began working as an observer at the Alpine Metrology Observatory in Kasprowy Wierch. In addition to his work, he was a very active climber with experience from the Alps and Hindu Kush.

Amateur radio beginnings SP9FG – from mountaineering to radio amateurs

It is clear, that climbers are close to amateur radio. Jurek took advantage of the mountains and started working on VHF. As SP9FG / 9 started working on 144 MHz of Kasprový vrch from altitude 1990 meters. He used a transmitter with QQE 03/12, which he gave 10 watts to a 9-element yagi. 23. June 1970 on 432 MHz communicated with OK1BMW / p at a distance 416 km, which was the Polish record at the time.

The first SP9FG connections

Jurek SP9FG made several first connections from SP. In the zone 70 cm they are: F9FT, LX1SI, ON5GT, PA0JOZ (10/14/77), HG5AIR (10/18/77), YO6AFP / P (10/6/85), 9A1EZA (07/04/93), OK2ONW, YU1IQ (07/07/93?) , OM7F / P, (07/05/97 S51S (07/06/97) 23 cm OH0VC, SM6ESG (11/12/84), Y24BO (09/18/84 ., PA0EZ (11.1085), LA8AE (10/26/85), HG4KYB ( 10/04/86), RA3LE (12/11/89), 9A54 (7/3/94) In the zone 13 cm: DB6NT (15/10/95), OM3CLS / p (10/03/99).

Honor his memory!

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