KST2YOU – simple interface for ON4KST chat

The visual of ON4KST has not changed in many years, but radio amateurs used to use this chat. Adjustment is possible in the settings, but even so, this chat is difficult to understand for many radio amateurs. This is also the reason why several other software were created - the so-called. clients such as KST2Me, About the possibility of connection to VHF by reflection from the aircraft or the aforementioned KST2YOU.

KST2YOU je project Robina Szemetiho, G1YFG , which aims to provide a web interface for the ON4KST chat service available on any modern browser regardless of device, so you can also run it from a mobile phone or tablet.

How to work with KST2YOU?

You will need to register with ON4KST. With these details you can then log into KST2YOU at https://kst2you.bss.design . Login looks like this:

KST2YOU login
KST2YOU login

The main screen brings of course report overview. At the same time, it also contains distance filter. In this setting, only stations to 1000 kilometers from your own locator. For example, if you try to connect Es, Aurora chi meteor scatter at a greater distance, so increase the distance filter.

KST2YOU's main news screen
KST2YOU's main news screen

Box „Only messages about me" will remove messages from the overview, which were not intended for you. It can be useful when there is a lot of activity at the cottage.

They are possible in the news clicks on the tag, which opens a window for communication with the given station. Distance, azimuth and name are right in the window:

The message window in KST2YOU
The message window in KST2YOU

It is possible to communicate in the given window. In the overall report overview, the reports are highlighted for you.

They are above the news bookmarks. The list of stations connected to the chat is in "Users list“:

List of stations connected to the chat
List of stations connected to the chat

By clicking on the column name, it is possible to achieve a different sort order. Again, you can open it by clicking on the line with the mark window for writing a message to the given station. Don't overlook either search box top right. Just enter a character here and the search will start immediately.

The last interesting tab is map, which renders the stations connected to the chat. Clicking on a pin on the map activates a bubble with the option to start a chat.

KST2YOU map with marked station
KST2YOU map with marked station

On the main screen you can still find the CQ button for writing messages.

KST2YOU CQ message
KST2YOU CQ message

What is good and what is not in KST2YOU?

The control of KST2YOU is really simple and functional. It can also be managed from a mobile phone. Get over it About the possibility of connection to VHF by reflection from the aircraft I noticed a significantly smaller volume of transferred data, so it is gentle on your wallet.

I have a reservation about the bad placement of the logout button. It's right above the bookmarks and I managed to log out several times with an unwanted click on my mobile phone.

However, if you prefer a simple chat, then KST2YOU definitely deserves a place to try.

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