Leonidy 2021

In years 1866-7, 1933 a 1966 they brought the Leonids an extraordinary experience in the form of the fall of tens of thousands of meteorites per hour. However, weaker activity is expected this year. The swarm is active from 5. until November 29 2021 with a predicted maximum on 16/17 November. The swarm consists mainly of larger particles moving at speed 71 km/s.

Different types of distribution are possible on VHF, what you can read in the older, but still a current OM7AQ article Basics of VHF / VHF operation . Meteor scatter (MS) operation is popular with VHF HAMs. Computer assistance is usually used, but better equipped stations are able to work both CW and SSB. A boom meteor scatter brought the program WSJT by Joe Taylor, but many stations are working now MSK144.

The best connection times for these directions are: SW - ST: 01 – 05 OUT, V – Z: 04 – 07 OUT, JV - SZ: 06 -09 UT a S – J: 23 – 03 a 07 – 11 OUT. We wish you a pleasant visual observation as well as many interesting experiments with meteor scatter!

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