On 4.11.2019 Vladimír Jelínek's OK2BDX key fell silent. He died at the age of 90. Until recently, you heard the band exclusively under the club label OK2KJU, when he hunted DX. In addition, he was one of the first in Moravia, who built a 144MHz transmitter and devoted himself diligently to racing. He was a founding member of the Přerov radio club, where he served as chairman, lead operator, meeting organizer, QSL manager, constructor and visionary. He was passionate about his life and educated countless young radio amateurs or just passionate electrical engineers, who operate not only in our region. For his incredible hard work, big thanks. Láďo, we'll miss you.

The last farewell will take place in the ceremonial hall of the city cemetery in Přerov, 11.11.2019 and 12 hours.

Who did you know him?, remember.

For radio club, And OK2BXU

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