OM0OUB live

You want to listen to OM9HQ messages over the Internet? Tóno OM1AEG successfully linked the OM0OUB converter to the Internet. That's how he writes about it:

As I am often outside my home QTH and I wander all over Slovakia, I felt the need to listen to the OM0OUB converter, especially on Thursday during the OM9HQ news. The combination of a mobile connection and a laptop with Echolink running did work for me, but not for driving, when after a momentary loss of connection Echolink crashed due to connection via proxi server for a few tens of seconds, which was more than annoying. That's why I started solving, how to listen to traffic on OM0OUB anytime, anywhere, where an internet connection is available, with the possibility “buffering” to eliminate problems with short-term outages when driving.
After several days of testing various alternatives, Digikeyer and WM Encoder sound card incompatibility issues 9 with me on Tuesday 16.6.2009 managed to launch live internet, with air traffic monitoring. On Friday 19.6.2009 after a few hours of modifications to the control part of OM0OUB and the digikeyer, I successfully managed to get live traffic on the air as well as traffic via Echolink.

The stream uses the WMA9 codec with CBR 16kbps, for which EDGE via mobile phone is also sufficient without any problems.

To listen to the overall events on the OM0OUB converter (and thus also the OM9HQ Thursday reports) you just need to have any internet connection and a computer, PDA, smartphone, IPBox and possibly some mobile phones without open OS.

Click on this link to listen via PC: mms://
For listening via PDA, mobile, paste this link into your music player:

I recommend using the player to listen on your mobile device while driving, which allows you to set “buffer” and set 20 second memorization. As each player has its own cache and it also takes a while to convert A / D, it's always what you hear from a PC a few seconds late.


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