Invitation to the IARU Region 1 VHF Contest 2013

IARU Region I. VHF Contest – takes place on 7-8 September 2013 from 14.00 do 14.00 OUT. They compete in categories 144 MHz – Single, 144 MHz – Multi, CW aj FONE prevádzkou. The competition code is RS(T) + poradové číslo od 001 + WW locator. Jeden kilometer preklenutej vzdialenosti sa rovná jeden bod. Za spojenie so stanicou vo vlastnom malom štvorci sa počíta jeden bod. Výsledok dáva súčet bodov za všetky spojenia. In the following, the General Terms and Conditions of VHF Races and Competitions apply.

List of submitted dimensions for VHF Records Day:

Brand Kota Locator
OM6A Large meadow JN99JC
OM3KII Veľká Javorina JN88UU
OM3FW Pecková JN88RS

List of other stations, which announce their participation can be found at

The competition diary is sent exclusively in electronic form in EDI format. Logs sent in another format will only be used for review. The competition diary must be sent no later than the second Monday after the race via the web interface on the website The date of receipt of the log via the web interface decides. In exceptional cases, it is possible to send the diary as an e-mail attachment to Decides the date of sending the e-mail.

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