The competition is organized by radio clubs from towns and villages, which are located by the river Kupe. The competition is held every year, on Sunday, the third weekend in May ( in year 2003 it is a 18.5.), and every year one of the radio clubs of the co-organizers is the organizer. In year 2003. is organized by the radio club "Metlika", S59DME, with Metlika, months for binding reasons. Changing the date of the competition is possible by agreement of a majority of the co-organizers (the list of co-organizers can be found in the dot 11.). In addition to traditional organizers, new radio clubs can also participate in the organization, but in the first year they cannot participate in deciding on the date and propositions of the competition.2. TIME
The competition starts at 7.00 and lasts until 12.00 UTC (according to local time it is from 9.00 to 14.00 ).

All stations of the first IARU Region can participate in the competition, in accordance with the conditions specified in the permit for the activity.

The competition takes place in a two-meter range, 144.020-144.400 a 145.187,5-145.587,5 MHz, and the team, that contestants must adhere to the band-plan and recommendations I. IARU region.
The types of activities allowed in the competition are:: Bandpass filters.

A-One operator-home QTH
B-One operator-portable QTH
C-More operators-homeQTH
D-Viacooperatérov-pottable QTH
O-Radio station of the co-organizer

It is exchanged in connections: report according to the RST scale, serial number starting from 001, and continues with each other connection until the end of the competition, locator QTH, and the stations of the co-organizers also indicate the brand of their city. E.g.:9A1DFG 599001 JN85EL/SK.
City signs are written in the list of co-organizer stations.

One point is given for each kilometer covered. In the entire competition, a point is given for only one connection with each station. Multiple connections must be listed in the LOG, but points for them. they do not give a QSO made with the help of the moon (EME), meteorite tracks (MS), via satellite, active repeaters, also QSO on the frequency 145.50 (spoon S20, i.e.. Q40) does not apply.

Premium points are received for each connection with the co-organizer's station, so that to the points for the distance, which is overcome by connecting with the co-organizer's station, will add extra 250 points and connection with the station, which is this year's organizer, 500 points (in year 2003 is the organizer station S59DME).

The overall result of the competition is obtained by summing up all QSO points by adding premium points.

-The first three stations in each category receive cups or plaques.
-The first ten stations in each category receive diplomas indicating their location.
-All stations, which will send the competition diary on time, they receive diplomas for participating in the competition.
-The traveling cup belongs to the station, which will get the most points this year, regardless of category, in which he competes. The call sign of the station is written on the cup, the number of points and the year of the competition. The station keeps the cup until next year, and then sells it to the station that gets the most points that year.
-The radio station that wins the transitional cup three times in a row, keep it in your permanent possession. The best located station from each DXCC country, which sends LOG, receives recognition with marked placement. In case of higher activity, the organizer can give more recognition to stations from some countries.
-All stations of the co-organizers that have placed on the leaderboard receive recognition with a location marking.


low power City From working in the program, I had a lecture at a meeting of radio amateurs in Kosice, where there was an introduction to the program and statistics of individual stations, their mutual comparison within the broadcasting bands. Identifier
S59DJR New town, months for binding reasons 250 Peter KA6U activated last year during the summer
S59DMJ<t/d> Črnomelj, months for binding reasons<t/d> 250 CR
S59ACA Semich , months for binding reasons 250 SE
S59DME A whisk, months for binding reasons 500 Northeast and east of the USA
9A1CFI Ogulin, months for binding reasons 250 AND
9A1CEU Ozalj, months for binding reasons 250 OZ
9A1CVW Karlovac, months for binding reasons 250 KA
9A1CEP Long fringe, months for binding reasons 250 DR
9A1CAR Clay, months for binding reasons 250 GL
9A1CJK Petrinja, months for binding reasons 250 ON
9A1DFG Mad dog, months for binding reasons 250 SK<t/d>

12. LOGY
Logs are delivered in electronic form, by e-mail, or on a floppy disk. This applies only to those stations that do not have the possibility to use a computer. Logos that come on paper, and it will be seen from them, that are processed on a computer will be considered as control.
Logs must be delivered in one of the standard forms. The organizer recommends the EDI format, but also all that come in ASCII code will be accepted. The coding must be marked in this way:

[the category]_[call].[tip], e.g.. A_9A2AE.edi or O_S59DJR.edi or C_OK2KJT.txt.

Logs must be sent to the organizer no later than the third Monday after the end of the competition (in year 2003 It will 2. June).The log must contain the following:
Connection start time (UTC), correspondent's call sign, submitted report (it also contains the connection number), received report (contains the connection number, locator and possibly the co-organizer's city brand), a QRB.
Mandatory data in the calculation sheet are:
with the following data, band, exact location and altitude, QTH locator (allowed error in the locator is max. +/- 5 km.), category in which the station competes, station type, default value, description of the antenna system (antenna type, number of elements), number of correct connections, score, a complete list of operators and helpers (name and surname, call sign), ODX CALL/LOC/QRB, declaration of compliance with the propositions of the «Pokuplje» competition and honoring the HAM spirit.
A comment about the competition is also welcome, and we would be grateful if someone took a photo, to send us photos on paper or in an electronic list, on diskette or by e-mail (JPG and similar), which we could exhibit at Hamfest and on the Internet.

The address for sending logs is:

Radio club “A whisk”
P.P. 129
C.B.E. 24
8330 BRUSH

E-MAIL: pokuplje@net.hr

The registered results will be announced on BBS packet radios (contest@eu, vhf@eu, hrvhf@hrv a slovhf@svn) a na Internete (http://come.to/pokuplje), no later than July 1 2003. Unofficial results will also be mailed to all contestants,who will send the Log on time. Comments on the results are sent to the same address as the LOG, on the deadline from the eighth day after the announcement of the unofficial results.
The official results will be announced at Hamfest and a message will be sent to the contestants along with the results, and will also be announced via packet radio, Internet and also in Radio HRS magazine.

The competition committee will cancel all unmarked ones, double and multiple connections that it detects, and subtracts from the total result a tenfold sum of the points of the counted double connection. The Commission will also cancel any incomplete connection and also any connection, in which you find out, that he is one of 3 of connection elements incorrectly entered (refers to the call sign, received and submitted report, connection number and QTH-locator, a toho, when the time of writing a QSO differs between correspondents by more than o 10 minutes.
The competitor will also be disqualified, of which it is found out, that it is canceled in the registered result 10 or more percent of points or that out of the total number of connections received, ten or more percent of the connections have been canceled.
The competitor will also be disqualified, for which, on the basis of at least three independent stations, it is determined, that he intended to violate the rules of the competition, or that he did not comply with the conditions of the license for the work of the radio station or hindered the work of the contestants. Note: In order for the station to be in the placement, it must connect with at least one station of the co-organizers.

Only the competition committee has the right to comment on proposals, which consists of the organizer of the competition «POKUPLJE 2003», and consists of three members of the club. The commission controls the LOGY, announces unofficial and official results, solves the complaints of competitors. The commission's decision is final.

The committee of the «POKUPLJE 2003» competition consists of:
1. Bojan Bajec, S52B – president
2. Niko Ovnicek, S57ANO – member
3. Rudi Pibernik. S57RPR – member

Mate 9A3PA

More information can be found at http://come.to/pokuplje.

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