Acknowledgments Ing. Roman Vavr for 22 years of work as a spokesperson for the Regulatory Office

Yet, what people often exchange in offices and ministries, at the Office for the Regulation of Electronic Communications and Postal Services (Regulatory Office - RÚ) saddle Ing. Roman Vavro in the same chair as the press spokesman of record 22 years.

Roman Vavro was a consultant and PR manager of several successful projects, e.g. application for measuring the quality of the Internet connection, internet connection price comparison website and list of internet connection options through free hotspots. He also managed the RÚ website, lecturing at telecommunication conferences, publishing, writing consumer series for radio and video scripts for the office's YouTube channel and photography.

Po 26 years of Roman's work at the RU (of which 22 years in the position of speaker) with our travels at the end of January 2022 they break up. We also want to take this opportunity to thank Roman for his work and wish him much success in his future professional and personal life.

Equipment operated under this license shall not be entitled to protection against interference by other equipment authorized to operate on the specified frequencies. 11. January 2022

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