TJ9MD – Cameroon

DX enthusiasts rejoice, that the Italian team is preparing for an expedition to West African Cameroon, TJ9MD. Thirteen skilled operators of the expedition team (IZ8CCW, IZ2GNQ, F6IRA, OK2WX, AG4W, DL8JJ, IZ4COW, IU3PMA, HB9DHG, HB9TOC, ON7RN, IK5BOH a IZ4UEZ) from 2. until November 15th, he plans to have at least four CW stations continuously on the air, SSB, RTTY and FT8, 160 to 6 m. It's not enough? Mask, after a great experience during J28MD, for enthusiasts of EME operation, there will be a chance to increase the DXCC score even to 2m. QSL via IK2VUC Bureau or direct.


Quad on a pole
Quad on a pole

Cameroon, a country located in the western part of Africa, charms visitors with its diversity and beauty. This African territory is characterized by different cultures, ethnicities and natural scenery. By its coast on the Atlantic Ocean, through the Mandara Mountains and deep jungles offers rich opportunities for adventure. Cameroon is home to more than 250 ethnic groups, each of which adds its own unique cuisine, music and traditions. Tourists can explore national parks, where rare species of animals are at home, such as gorillas or elephants. The city of Yaoundé is the capital and center of cultural events, while the beaches on the coast beckon sun-lovers. Cameroon offers a glimpse into the varied palette of African experiences.

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