Yaesu FT-710 firmware update

December firmware update Yaesu FT-710 makes improvements:

1. Bug fixed, which caused a delay or unnecessary code for CW broadcasts using the built-in electronic keyer (for example, a full stop)

2. Fixed issue, that the CW monitor audio could clip characters when turned off “BK-IN”

3. Bug fixed, which caused, that there was no frequency shift during CW transmission in CW AUTO mode.

4. Other improvements and optimizations have been made.

Download FT-710 firmware [FT-710_Firmware_update_202212.zip]. You can also help with the update with video instructions:

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2 months ago

On Tuesday, a new YAESU FT 710 firmware update was released. The DNR and NB functions were fixed. It seems,that after the update TCVR works much better.

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