CATSync with Open Web RX support

O CATSync by DJ0MY in an older version we already wrote. What CATSync what it can do and what it is for?

  • can control any WebSDR server by receiver or transceiver
  • supports a large number of classic devices (uses the OmniRIG engine)
  • supports both WebSDR and KiwiSDR, and in the new version also Open Web RX
  • tunes the VFO of the remote SDR in real time according to your device
  • click on the WebSDR waterfall to retune your home device
  • synchronization transmits both frequency and mode (CW, USB, LSB, AM, FM)
  • you can listen to your home device and WebSDR simultaneously
  • can drive RX or TX VFO, which fits, if you are looking for a split frequency of a DX station (this function of independent tuning must be supported by your device)
  • it can be connected to your favorite logbook using OmiRIG or via a VSPE port splitter

By the start of the year 2023 was the released version 1.30, which brings:

  • new function: now supports SDR Open Web RX web servers (including the existing WebSDR and KiwiSDR systems) Restriction: Open Web RX requires, for the listener to manually select the correct one “zone” SDR (this is a limitation within the Open Web RX system – not CATsync)
  • update to the latest Chromium web browser engine
  • Visual C++ runtime files are required 2015-2022 x86, which are supplied/installed by the CATsync installation package
  • the favorites editor now correctly saves renamed items
  • support “non-standard” display resolution 1 Hz (it is used by some American Websdr servers, on which the modified Websdr code runs)
  • updated K3 CAT emulator, which now enables mode control in addition to frequency control

The price of the full version is 9,95 €. More information, You can find both the trial version and payment for the full version of CATSync at

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1 year ago

Good tool, if the readability of the /P station is at the limit of intelligibility due to interference from neighbors, I sometimes use it if a plasma or sh*t LED turns on somewhere. Too bad about the paid upgrade, I paid 1.21 and I'll see if I need it 1.30.

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