Diverse reception - interference suppression

Every electrical device is a receiver of interference and can also become a source of interference. For radio amateurs, electronics in the surroundings can be a source of noise or interference, which makes it difficult to receive signals. One of the ways to combat this is through a diversified income.

How to suppress lighting interference?

VE6EY uses both a directional antenna and a special receiving antenna. However, it cannot effectively suppress interference. This will also enable income on SDR RSPduo after turning on the diversion reception. By combining the signals from two antennas with the correct intensity and phase shift, it is possible to suppress the unwanted signal.

The hands-on demo of the reception starts after a little over one and a half minutes. It probably best illustrates what a diversified income can do.

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1 year ago

Nothing new under the sun, this method has been working for a long time……

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