OM SSB race 2022

OM SSB races take place the third Saturday in September, 17.9.2022, from 04,00 do 06,00 UTC, t.j. from 06,00 do 08,00 throw. summer time, in two one-hour stages. At each stage, it is possible to establish one valid connection with the same station on each band. Connections are established with stations from OM and OK. The OK SSB race also takes place in parallel with the OM SSB race, and connections with the participants of this race also apply..

Yaesu FT991
Yaesu FT991


The race takes place in the 80m and 160m bands in these segments:

SSB: 1840–1950 kHz, 3700–3770 kHz


– both bands, performance according to permit conditions

– both bands, power to 100 W

– listeners

Competition code

A code consisting of RS, serial number of the connection and the district emblem, e.g.. 59 001 BAC. It is necessary to follow the exact form of the code when broadcasting and writing to the log, otherwise, the connection will be evaluated as faulty.


Each established connection is evaluated by one point. The connection is invalid, if the station has any error in the log in the received tag or in the received code.

Map of Europe
Map of Europe


Multipliers are districts, they are calculated for each band and for each stage separately (one district can be counted as a maximum of 4 multipliers – 1. stage 80 m, 2. stage 80 m, 1. stage 160 m, 2. stage 160 m). The district itself does not count as a multiplier. Multipliers are also districts of OK stations.

The result

The total result is calculated by multiplying the sum of the connection points by the total number of multipliers.


Logs are being sent len in the format Cabrillo. Logs must be sent no later than 14 days after the race via the web interface on the page, section OM SSB races. If the station does not send a log for evaluation (at least for control), the connection to this station will only be counted if, that it appears in at least five dailies.


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