VHF operating assets

A similar VHF competition as it takes place in Slovakia is behind the Morava River. Last year, according to reports, she joined at 144 MHz 190 individuals and 44 clubs. Aj 432 The MHz band has been occupied, a to 82 individuals and 21 clubs. The activity was lower in the microwave bands, but it's still on 1296 MHz 22 individuals and 10 clubs. Unlike Slovakia, where the new year has already begun here begins 16.1.2022 the first round.


This international race takes place every third Sunday of the month from 08.00 UTC do 11.00 UTC.
Foreign stations can also take part in the race under the conditions stated at http://www.crk.cz/ENG/DXCONTE.


SINGLE ON – stations operating from one station served by only one and the same
operator and using one and the same call sign in all bands without any outside assistance in
during the race.
MULTI OP – a station operating from a single station operated by more than one operator; and
using the same mark on all bands

Frozen DL7KM antennas
Frozen DL7KM antenna on 70cm

1 144 MHz – single on. 11 5.7 GHz – single on.
2 144 MHz – multi op. 12 5.7 GHz – multi op.
3 432 MHz – single on. 13 10 GHz – single on.
4 432 MHz – multi op. 14 10 GHz – multi op.
5 1.3 GHz – single on. 15 24 GHz – single on.
6 1.3 GHz – multi op. 16 24 GHz – multi op.
7 2.3 GHz – single on. 17 47 GHz – single on.
8 2.3 GHz – multi op. 18 47 GHz – multi op.
9 3.4 GHz – single on. 19 76 GHz – single on.
10 3.4 GHz – multi op. 20 76 GHz – multi op.


CW a fone (SSB, FM) in segments according to IARU regulations and recommendations Region I. EME connection, cross-band and ground or space converters do not count.


RS or RST is replaced, serial number of the connection starting with the number 001 and WW-locator. Connections to stations also apply to this plant, which do not overflow and which do not have to, but they can, transmit connection number. These stations must provide the competing station with an RS or RST and a WW locator. One valid connection can be included in the race with each station in each competition zone, regardless of the type
operation. Each station may have only one signal on one band at a time.

VHF antenna on the mast
Antennas for three VHF bands on a common mast


For connecting to the station in its own large WW locator square (the first two letters and the following two numbers) two points count. In the neighboring big squares it is three points and in the next bands it is always one point more than in the previous bands..


Large squares of WW-locator, with which it was worked during the race, including the square itself, On each band separately. The WW locator itself is a multiplier no matter what, if a connection has been established with the station from its own locator, or not.


It is given by the sum of the connection points multiplied by the sum of the multipliers, on each band separately.

VUSC4WIN, program for VHF / UHF races from OK1DIX
VUSC4WIN, program for VHF / UHF races from OK1DIX


In electronic form in edi format from individual laps are sent no later than the fifth day after the race, t.j. the first Friday after the race, only through the robot at the evaluator's address: http://ok1kpa.com/pa/hlaseni.htm. Reports can also be accepted for a limited time, which must contain their own brand, own WW locator, number of connections, number of points per connection, number of multipliers, category, less, contact email and contact phone number. Optional information is the QRP station designation.

Each round of Operating Assets will be evaluated separately and at the end of the year a year-round evaluation will be performed, to which the results from the individual rounds will be included for each competing station in each category in each band, in which it was evaluated.

Interim results are published on http://ok1kpa.com/pa/vysledky.htm.


He gets the winner of each category on each band, possibly the first three stations of each category, in which will be evaluated more than 15 stations. The relevant provisions of the clauses also apply to the Operating Assets 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 25, 26, 27, 28 General conditions for VHF competitions http://www.crk.cz/VHFUHFGENC.

VHF Radioklub OK1KPA evaluates operating assets on VHF on behalf of SRK.
These conditions were approved by the Council of the Czech Radio Club with effect from 17. January 2021.

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