Elaborated answers for radio amateur exams

When preparing for radio amateur exams, it is difficult for interested parties to obtain comprehensible documents, from which they would understand the issues of electrical engineering and radio engineering. I mostly deal with the background, which are indeed correct, but incomprehensible and often outdated for the self-taught.

TIP – personal preparation for exams

This summary of materials includes 51 A4 pages. Pages of other materials and books are certainly added to this. However, many things can be understood very well with a practical demonstration with a radio amateur or electrical engineer. If you have the opportunity to prepare for radio amateur exams with someone in person, definitely use it!

Informal answers for radio amateur exams

Toroidal PCB holder
Toroidal PCB holder

Why informal? That's why I prepared answers for a friend as part of his exam preparation some time ago (successful). They are written in a personal style so, as I expected, that they will suit his knowledge, but they do not have to be elaborated in the required depth by the examination committee. They are just a guide. The material did not even pass technical and language proofreading, so its use is at your own risk.

Prepared answers for amateur radio exams - download

You can download them in PDF format (all parts have together 2579 kB):

1.1 Basic electrotechnical quantities and units up to 1.7 Non-harmonic signals (non-sinusoidal)
1.8 Modulated signals up to 2.4 Transformer
2.5 Diode up to 3.5 Detector
3.6 Oscillator up to 4.4 Features of the receiver
5. TRANSMITTERS up to 6.1 Types of antennas
6.2 Characteristics of antennas up to 8.1 Measurement methods
8.2 Measuring devices up to 10. SECURITY

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