Xiegu G90 firmware V1.80 update

Xiegu The G90 is a compact and high-performance KV SDR transceiver designed for radio amateur communication. With its compact design and easy operation, it is the ideal companion for mobile and outdoor activities. The G90 offers an output power of up to 20 W and supports a wide range of frequencies for different bands. In addition, it is equipped with an integrated automatic tuner for quick and efficient antenna tuning.

The Xiegu G90 transceiver has the option of updating the firmware. It allows you to improve it or even add new features. On https://www.radioddity.com/pages/xiegu-download version is available 1.80, which is not even on yet https://xiegu.eu/downloads/

There are two news:

  • the CI-V command set expands, which is useful for working with JTDX/WSJT-X (or other data mode software) o CI-V commands 0x25,0x26
  • added CI-V command 0x1d 0x19 loading XIEGU RADIO ID

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