XW4DX – Laos

Former members of successful FT4TA DX expeditions, FT4JA at 3B7A sa 16. November they will issue to Vientiane and to 27. they will operate until 5 stations with the call sign XW4DX. It may also include participation in the CW CQ WW Contest.

The team consists of F4BKV Vincent, F4HAU Diego, F2DX Patrick, F5PTM Pascal a F8AVK Julien. Operation from this 98. the most desirable country DXCC will not aim to make as many connections as possible, but to provide the possibility of connection in rare areas of the world (on the east coast of North America is Laos 41. the most desirable DXCC). At the same time, they will focus on the more demanding lower bands of 160m and 40m.

Operation on 80m and 30m is not allowed in Laos. Also on 60m and 6m. So expect XW4DX on 160m – 40m – 20m – 17m – 15m – 12m – 10m. Search for current information at https://xw4dx.f4bkv.net/index.html



The QSL manager is F4BKV Vincent. It will use Clublog OQRS for direct and bureau QSL tickets. You can send a paper QSL ticket directly to his address. Do not send paper QSL tickets via the bureau, but use Clublog OQRS. The full log will also be uploaded to LOTW


Laos, officially the Lao People's Democratic Republic, is a picturesque country in the heart of Southeast Asia. With its rich culture and scenery, Laos is a real treasure for travelers. It has beautiful Buddhist temples, such as Wat Pho, which is home to the majestic Phra Keo statue, and lakes, which reflect blue skies and green mountains. The Mekong River passes through Laos, offering options for boat trips. The capital, Vientiane, is peaceful and charming, with historical monuments and great cuisine. For nature lovers, there is abundant wildlife and beautiful scenery, including caves and waterfalls. Laos is the place for those, who desire an authentic Asian adventure.

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