SDR Console 3.2 beta

Simon G4ELI released the beta version SDR Console with serial number 3.2. The main change "under the hood" is the modification of part of the code to assembler. This is part of the intention to reduce CPU load at high bandwidths.

This version should also address issues with the SDRplay API 3.0.10, where RSP1 users in particular had difficulty with the SDR Console. There was a change in the stored serial number of the SDR receiver, which then led to the downfall of the program. Also, the problem with B-FM without sound with PCM codec should be fixed.

The so-called. Playback Navigator, which is used to play recordings. Support for ELAD and Afedri devices has also been improved. And a lot, much more. In short, Simon G4ELI is still improving and radio amateurs are getting excellent SDR software. The list of all improvements is on , SDR Console 3.2 you can download the beta from

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